We offer our customers the flexibility to choose from powdered solutions or functional bars in a variety of ready-to-market products or create their own customized product with expert guidance and support throughout the process.

Ready to Market

Our ready-to-market solutions are classified into the following categories

Customize your own product

Create your dream product from the ground up with a team of foodtech experts, tailoring it to deliver the exact health benefits your customers desire.
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Functional Bars

Collaborate with our team of foodtech experts to develop a bespoke, technology-driven snack bar tailored to your exact needs. Alternatively, explore our ready-to-market portfolio, where cutting-edge science and tastiness converge to deliver a range of delectable, nutritionally optimized options.
NU - Bars
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"For me, Nutreo is the demonstration that everything can be done, that everything is possible. For us, it is the key element to continue working and building well-being together. Nutreo is the place where everything is possible."
Adriana Zambrano, Savvy

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"As a strategic ally, I feel very pleased to have such a professional and humane business partner on their staff."
Pablo Londoño, JGB

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"Nothing but gratitude towards Nutreo, to be honest. We have developed quite interesting ideas, it's like they are a catalyst for dreams. That's what we think of Nutreo."
Sebastián Hernández, SuperFüds

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"Nutreo has been a strategic ally for us, they have been completely by our side since we were born, and they have been a very important partner for us."
Ángela De Latorre, Brightfull

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