Our products,
ingredients & blends

Our products,
ingredients & blends

Our purpose is to enhance your brand through science and innovation. We have two distinct business units that leverage our scientific knowledge and technology to deliver high-quality products tailored to your unique needs.

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Science Backed

End-to-End Products

NU - Ready-to-market

Ready to Market

Tailor your products to deliver the precise health benefits your customers desire

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Customize your Product

Explore our portfolio of customizable health benefits, where you can craft tailored solutions to meet your unique wellness goals

Smart Solutions

Functional Ingredients


We offer premium quality powdered ingredients to enhance your products and optimize their nutritional value. Our range includes Amazonian fruits, chelated minerals, adaptogens, and other select ingredients renowned for their exceptional nutritional properties.

Functional premixes


We create premixes designed to seamlessly integrate into any food, providing essential nutrients that consumers seek. These are carefully formulated to deliver specific value according to particular needs.

Worldwide Knowledge Network

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NU - NutreoLogo Savvy

"For me, Nutreo is the demonstration that everything can be done, that everything is possible. For us, it is the key element to continue working and building well-being together. Nutreo is the place where everything is possible."
Adriana Zambrano, Savvy

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"As a strategic ally, I feel very pleased to have such a professional and humane business partner on their staff."
Pablo Londoño, JGB

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"Nothing but gratitude towards Nutreo, to be honest. We have developed quite interesting ideas, it's like they are a catalyst for dreams. That's what we think of Nutreo."
Sebastian Hernandez, Superfüds

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"Nutreo has been a strategic ally for us, they have been completely by our side since we were born, and they have been a very important partner for us."l
Angela de De Latoree, Brighfull

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