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Discover how Nutreo, as your co-manufacturing partner and supplier, utilizes advanced technology and scientific insights to develop nourishing food solutions for everyday needs, helping materialize your ideas and contribute to a better-nourished world.



Customize or choose: Enhance your brand with tasty functional

Explore Nutreo’s ready-to-market solutions, including specialized categories like women’s health, sports nutrition, and gut health, or partner with us to craft your own customized products. Whether it’s powdered solutions or functional bars, our team of experts supports you from concept to shelf, ensuring your product perfectly aligns with your vision and customer health needs.


Smart Solutions

Customize or Choose: Elevate the nutritional value of your

Enhance your products with Nutreo’s Smart Solutions. Opt for our customized Functional Premixes to fortify foods effectively or select from our range of premium, ready-to-use ingredients for targeted nutritional enhancements. Our expertly crafted solutions ensure precise health benefits and superior nutritional value, perfectly integrated into your offerings.

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Custom projects
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With our End-to-End service, over 130 custom projects have been successfully developed, launched, and are now available in the market. These products with purpose transform health and meet diverse market demands.

Enhanced products
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Through our Smart Solutions, we’ve enhanced more than 100 products currently in the market, incorporating cutting-edge nutrition and essential micronutrients in everyday food products to transform people’s health.

lives impacted
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Together with our allies, Nutreo’s functional solutions impact over 20 million individuals daily, significantly enhancing nutritional access and health outcomes. We extend the reach and effectiveness of our solutions, contributing to a better-nourished world.

Our network

We leverage a vast network of scientific partners across the Americas and Europe,  to deliver rigorous, science-backed solutions to our clients’ challenges. We rely on in-house analytical capabilities from our extensive lab network in Research Triangle Park (North Carolina, USA) and Colombia.

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