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Our purpose is to enhance your brand through science and innovation. We have two distinct business units that leverage our scientific knowledge and technology to deliver high-quality products tailored to your unique needs.

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What makes us the perfect choice for you?

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tech-driven wellness solutions


science backed wellness solutions

Science Backed

End-to-End Products

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Functional Bars

Discover the perfect balance of taste and wellness in every bite with our selection of functional snack bars

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Ready to Market

Tailor your products to deliver the precise health benefits your customers desire

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Customize your Product

Explore our portfolio of customizable health benefits, where you can craft tailored solutions to meet your unique wellness goals

Smart Solutions

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Amazonian & Tropical Fruits

Enhance your product's health benefits with our clean-label, Amazon rainforest powdered fruits

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Aminochelated Minerals

Elevate the nutritional value of your products with premium, clean-label minerals like magnesium and iron

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Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Supercharge your product line with the powerful benefits of adaptogens, enhancing overall wellness and customer satisfaction

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Functional Premixes

Worldwide Knowledge Network

To achieve our mission, we continuously build a network of people and allies eager to contribute their expertise and knowledge to advance our work in functional food solutions.


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"For me, Nutreo is the demonstration that everything can be done, that everything is possible. For us, it is the key element to continue working and building well-being together. Nutreo is the place where everything is possible."
Adriana Zambrano, Savvy

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"As a strategic ally, I feel very pleased to have such a professional and humane business partner on their staff."
Pablo Londoño, JGB

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"Nothing but gratitude towards Nutreo, to be honest. We have developed quite interesting ideas, it's like they are a catalyst for dreams. That's what we think of Nutreo."
Sebastian Hernandez, Superfüds

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"Nutreo has been a strategic ally for us, they have been completely by our side since we were born, and they have been a very important partner for us."l
Angela de De Latoree, Brighfull

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